General Stanley McChrystal

Poor General Stanley McChrystal. He was given a lousy job. He was put in charge of a war effort headed by a government whose Commander-in-Chief doesn’t even believe in the use of force — least of all by the arrogant and imperialistic United States of America. His boss is a President whose attitude is at least as sympathetic to — or even more sympathetic to — the Islamic enemies of the United States as he is to the United States itself. The scandal of the day is that General McChrystal said offensive things about the American government who employs him in such a contradictory mission: To militarily defend an America that, quite frankly, according to its current leadership, doesn’t deserve all that much defending. While McChrystal and his troops risk their lives daily in Afghanistan, his boss makes the world safe (both morally and physically) for the emerging Iranian nuclear power which will wipe out everyone in that part of the world in a few short years, if left unchecked. If McChrystal feels demoralized and confused — leading him to open up to some stupid magazine about it — why is anyone surprised, much less outraged? If you want to criticize McChrystal for anything, criticize him for taking such a job — under such a boss — in the first place.