Attitude is King

Negative attitude is the underlying cause of what everybody now calls “depression.” Attitude determines so much. The insidious thing about attitude is that it’s just beneath the surface, or even subconscious, unless you make it conscious. There’s nothing inherently wrong about naming the negative. The issue is making the negative stronger than the positive—that’s a big mistake. The other issue is that some negative self-talk simply isn’t correct. It’s illogical. Or it’s not factual. Or it drops the context (i.e. the bigger picture). Or it distorts. Cynical and negative people think that positive thinkers are naive and foolish. They think it’s weak to identify anything positive. We might call such people: The Chronic Complainers. In reality, it’s weakness to give the negative (even where it exists) more power than it deserves. If you get some kind of perverse comfort in making the negative all-important, then you ought not to complain that you’re depressed … You did it to yourself.