Big Government Does Not Bring Big Results

“A big-government conservative administration failed in crisis, as has a big-government liberal administration. The regulatory state did not prevent excessive risk taking whether in financial services, nor perhaps in offshore oil drilling. Government response to crises once they occur is slow and inept. All this is not because either Republicans or Democrats are in power, but because big government doesn’t work. It can’t deliver on its promises. Big government overpromises and underdelivers. In reaching to do more, big government accomplishes less.” (Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. in The Wall Street Journal  6-14-10) 

Excellent point. Government does more than overpromise. It speaks and acts as if it can do no wrong, while the private sector can do no right. A majority of people almost believe it, which is why big government is the operational principle of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Republicans are for big government, while Democrats are for bigger and bigger government. The underlying premise is the same in either case, and O’Driscoll nails it well.