Success Takes Many Forms

A success is anything that brings value to your life that you accomplish. It doesn’t just happen to you; you make it happen. If something has been difficult or a struggle for you personally, and you accomplish it anyway, then it’s a success. It’s important to define a success objectively and in your own context. If a person has been terrified of going outdoors manages to get outdoors, he’s right to label it a success. If he said, “Well, most people do this every day,” this is still no reason to drop the context that for himself, personally, it has been a struggle lately due to paralyzing and irrational fear. Success involves the achievement of values. Values are the things that one seeks to gain and/or keep. Notice that values involve gaining and keeping. Values are new things that you create, but sometimes the focus for valuing is more on keeping what you already have, or returning to a state of normalcy.