Two Takes on ADD

There are two ways to describe the same phenomenon or experience.

One: “I tend to start one task before completing another. This annoys those around me as well as myself. Sometimes, there’s a rationale for what I’m doing. I could handle this by explaining to others that I have my reasons for doing it this way, and please be patient. I could handle the times where it doesn’t make sense by increasing my awareness of how self-defeating I’m being, and attempt to gradually change it.”

Two: “I have attention deficit disorder (ADD). It’s a disease. I bear no responsibility for it, and have no way of changing it. I can take medication for it, which might or might not work. It’s not my fault if it doesn’t.”

Which attitude is the more accurate and reasonable one? Which set of beliefs serves the interest of the person with the problem better?

Which is easier — the “easier way out” of excuses…or an attitude that leads to needed changes?