Obama’s Oil-Free Utopia

“We’re dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environment[al] disaster. It could extend for a long time. It could jeopardize the livelihoods of  thousands of Americans who call this place home.”

This is the current American President talking about … the long-range consequences of his economic policies, correct? No, he’s droning on about an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As genuine a problem as this is, it’s light years away from the problems that will be generated by his economic policies. In the world to be created by this President’s economic policies (if left unchecked), oil spills will not simply be the least of our problems; oil spills won’t exist. In an economy hampered, or even destroyed, by punitive taxation, fascist regulation and socialist redistribution of wealth that eliminates the basis for all economic growth, there will be no oil spills — because there will be no oil companies, there will be no capital to fund them, there will be no consumers with money to spend on fuel because they’ll all be struggling to eke out survival in an economic context where wealth creators are no longer permitted to think, create, produce, exist or make a profit at all. In Obama’s America, there will be no need for “environmental policy” because there will be nothing man-made to supposedly put the non man-made at risk. To some extent, we’ll return to a state of precapitalist, preindustrialized “nature.”

Put it this way: There were no oil spills in the Stone Age. There were no oil spills in the Middle Ages when humans lived in filth and sickness that most Americans and Westerners would not permit for cats and dogs today. This is where liberal socialism, currently in control, is taking us: To a place where there are no oil spills, because there is no oil. The pontificating and self-righteous liberal idiots who take pride and pleasure in denouncing an oil spill as illustrative of the evils of capitalism ought to enjoy their perverse fun while they can have it. Their policies are a recipe for permanent and total disaster as opposed to the occasional, unfortunate accidents that will happen under capitalism. To liberal socialists, the perfect world is one in which there is no value and productivity of any kind because socialists have outlawed technology, profit and any remote sense of self-interest (except for the ruling elites).

Obama’s policies lower risk only by creating a world in which there’s nothing to lose.