The Government With the Most is the Least

People who favor the government or public sector over private enterprise claim, “The public sector is more honest. The private sector is so full of fraud and corruption that the government can hardly regulate it.” The exact opposite is true. The private sector loses profits when dishonest. Customers are very hard on their private sector suppliers and can usually go elsewhere if freedom of competition is allowed. Government, on the other hand, starts out corrupt by definition. Any government enterprise is funded by money forcibly taken from one segment of the population to pay for the activities of another. The only exception to this is police and defense, because these actually benefit everyone and are a bare requirement for the survival of both government and private enterprise. Everything else government does is wealth redistribution, using the force of government to sacrifice one segment of the population for another; one individual to another. This applies even to popular government programs such as Medicare and Social Security. The working and younger portion of the population works to pay for these benefits to the older population. They do so on the premise that the next generation will do the same for them — with no guarantee the next generation will be willing or even able to do so. Medicare and Social Security will inevitably collapse in fiscal bankruptcy because of the unjust principle of government force upon which they rest. It all goes back to the wise notion of the American founders that the government which governs least governs best. You absolutely need a government — but only a government that does what it should.