From Reagan to Obama

Ronald Reagan, it was claimed, cut taxes so as to create a deficit and thereby force a reduction in government spending, in the process reducing government control over individuals’ lives. If that was true, Barack Obama is just the opposite. He’s increasing spending so much that taxes will have to remain high and get higher all the time — meaning, in practice, that government has greater control over private individuals’ lives than ever before. He’s gambling that as the deficit soars to catastrophic levels, Republicans will wobble and refuse to cut spending. That has always been the pattern. Yet if the Republicans morph into a different party than they were even 3 years ago, it could be a different story. Keep something very important in mind. The individuals who don’t mind Obama’s policy of raising the deficit for the sake of wealth redistribution, or who even like it, are not the ones upon whom the well-being of industrial civilization depends. It’s the ones whose Obama’s policies hurt the most — the most productive, effective, independent and successful — upon whose well-being even the government itself depends for survival. THIS is the lethal contradiction underlying “Obamaism” that will bring it, along with those who support it, down, in the end.