Fascist Censorship of Doctors

A physician in Florida recently posted a sign in his office opposing ObamaCare. A liberal/socialist Congressman attempted to file a complaint against him with the state of Florida, but the state replied that there’s no law against a doctor expressing his political views in this way. “Well, there ought to be!” is the essence of the liberal Congressman’s response. Now one wonders: What if the same physician had posted signs expressing his support of ObamaCare? Would there be any outcry from anyone, anywhere, over such a thing? It’s doubtful. Physicians are already being enslaved by the increasing nationalization of their profession, a task to be completed under the ObamaCare legislation. Are they to have their freedom of speech restricted, as well? Should no doctor, anywhere, dare suggest opposition to laws which are destroying the practice of medicine and in the process harming patients as well as doctors? The liberal Congressman claims that patients should not be turned away by what he considers the offensive nature of a doctor’s anti-Obama views. Well, earth to Congressman: Not all doctors are socialists. This one was brave and direct enough to come out of the closet about it. If a doctor is to be intimidated for his views in favor of capitalism or freedom, then why shouldn’t doctors in favor of socialism and ObamaCare likewise be intimidated, reported, fined or even imprisoned? Isn’t it discrimination to threaten government force against a doctor with one set of political views while leaving alone doctors who have opposite views? I demand an answer. Where can I file a complaint?