Power to the Thinking and Principled People

Columnist and thinker Walter Williams writes: ‘The greater Congress’s ability to grant favors and take one American’s earnings to give to another American, the greater the value of influencing congressional decision-making. There’s no better influence than money. The generic favor sought is to get Congress, under one ruse or another, to grant a privilege or right to one group of Americans that will be denied to another group of Americans.’

Yes, it’s that simple. The power to tax–and to redistribute–is the power to destroy. Government cannot be destructive if it’s not given this destructive power in the first place. If we continue to allow government to have redistributive power, ObamaCare is the least of it. Government will sooner or later, with this power, control everything and everyone … thereby running the prosperity and free-thinking of a once free people into the ground. Our whole system of politics and government is like cancer. It’s a slow progression with an inevitable conclusion. The power (the ‘cure’) lies in the people, people who in a principled way will act on rational ideas, to stop it. The American Revolutionaries did this back in 1776. The option to do so again is still there. It will always be there, at least until freedom of speech is gone. If only people will use it.