Ideas and Principles in Search of a Party

“By default more than design, the Republicans now find themselves the party of the private economy. Their members, even in faraway Maine, should figure out how to align themselves with the interests of what is still the world’s most dynamic economy.” (Columnist Daniel Henninger)

“Opponents of ObamaCare have decisively won the battle for public opinion. As voters start to feel the pain of this new program, Republicans will be in a stronger position if they stay in the fight, make a principled case, and lay out a competing vision.” (Columnist Karl Rove)

“…What happens if the U.S. switches spending from defense to social welfare? Who will protect what used to be known as the ‘Free Word’? Who will police the sea lanes, stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, combat terrorism, and deter rogue states from aggression? Those are all responsibilities currently performed by America. But it will be increasingly hard to be globocop and nanny state at the same time. Something will have to give.” (Columnist Max Boot)