“Victory” Over WHAT?

The advocates of socialized medicine won the big battle; but they cannot win the war. This is because advocates of socialized medicine, or socialism and statism more generally, are at war with reality. What they seek cannot work because it declares war on virtue, on the free and thinking independent mind. When dictatorships take over poor countries, those countries remain desperate and poor. In America, a dictatorship is overtaking what was originally a free and prosperous country. So long as the dictators keep gaining, we will get worse and worse. Unless this is what most Americans want, these proponents of dictatorship are not going to win. They only won the battle for socialized medicine on the premise — a premise not even accepted by a majority of Americans — that socialism will work better than freedom. Socialism will NOT work better than freedom — even hampered freedom. You cannot declare war on reality, on human nature and the best within human beings and then declare victory when you trample on your victims. It’s not victory; it’s an attack. If nothing else, these depraved politicians in Washington should be forced to acknowledge what they’re celebrating. It’s the “victory” of tanks over freedom, of mediocre rulers over the best and brightest minds who will be suffocated. If this is what they consider “victory,” then we now can understand the true nature of the people too many of us elevated into positions of power.