Bigger Isn’t Better

It has been said, elsewhere, that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away. Think health care.

In a similar vein, I will say: A government that rams legislation through Congress without respect to what most people want, what their rights are and without even necessarily reading the legislation they are passing are telling you something. They are telling you what they think of the Constitution; of the government they are running; and, most of all, of you, the citizen. By telling you, “We don’t care, we’re passing it anyway, by hook or by crook,” they’re telling you not only that you’re stupid and powerless, but also that the rules don’t matter. Their will is what matters, not the rules, not reason,  not facts, not logic and certainly not freedom or individual rights. This is how dictators think and act. The only difference between these dictators and the ones coming next are that these still answer to the rule of law — in name, only.

A people who will not fight back are conveying something, as well. If every single person who votes for this legislation is voted out of office next year, then we’ll have retaliated appropriately. Nothing less will do. If we give them anything less, they’ll know that they’re free to dictate beyond the boundaries of this health care bill. And dictate they will.