Career is Like Marriage

A career choice is like a marriage. If you had 3 women (or men) from which to choose but you know you love none of them, then it makes sense to marry none of them. This is because you would face certain unhappiness in any case. It’s better to remain single and hold out hope for yet finding a love. And that is an option for a career. You can do what you have to do to earn money and continue for all of your life to be open to finding a passion at which you can make money as well. This is one route that people take. They are unable to find a career love, so they do a job instead and pursue as many other values as possible in the realm of hobbies, relationships, pets, travel, children, or whatever is important to them outside of career. I don’t see anything irrational about this so long as one doesn’t conclude that finding something more meaningful along the way remains impossible.