Time to Hit the Reset Button on Congress

To advance American freedom, the best option for the 2010 elections is for the Democrats to regain control of Congress — but only with a seat or two. This will frustrate the totalitarians-in-waiting even more than they already are (and will be fun to watch, too). They won’t be able to pass any more than they would if Republicans gained control of both houses by a few seats (which is probably the best they can expect). Then, the blame will once again lie with the Democratic Congress and Administration rather than with Republicans. Mind you, I don’t care about the Republicans’ interests. I read that Ayn Rand once referred to the conservatives of her day as “kindergarten socialists” and that pretty well describes post-Bush conservatives, too. Republicans are wrongly associated with the cause of capitalism, freedom, economic sanity and individual rights. They don’t stand for those things any more than Democrats do. America must form a second party to fight the statists. Republicans, in their current form, are not yet it — and surely won’t be by November of this year, either. So I’d like to see Republicans hamstrung as well as Democrats. I want to see gridlock in our government so that it cannot do anything — since politicians of both parties are only interested in harming us, anyway. This buys the American people time to form and create a party in support of a more perfect union: that is, a party in support of ending government taxing and spending as we know it and hitting the reset button on the Constitution. In the end, it’s up to the people. The current politicians have to go.