The Stupid Senator Discovers His “Inner Washington”

Republicans have often been called ‘The Stupid Party.’ This is because they give away their advantages to the liberals, every time they can. They won the Congress in 1994 and they held both the Presidency and the Congress from 2003 to 2007, and did nothing at all during these times except advance the liberals’ agenda of big spending and government growth (and take the blame when these policies go wrong). Now the Stupid Party can brag that it has The Stupid Senator: Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who has signed on with his support for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid ‘jobs program.’ The so-called jobs program is nothing more than a multi-billion dollar wealth transfer from the private sector to the public sector. No new jobs are created, but government jobs are preserved while new private jobs—real jobs, from an economic point-of-view—are prevented from creation. In short, the ‘jobs bill’ is just another expansion of Big Government, the very thing Brown claimed to oppose while running for his historic takeover of ultra-liberal Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat. It took Brown all of what—two weeks?—in Washington DC to become part of the political class who transfers money from one segment of the economy, the productive, to—well, to the political class. Congratulations, Senator Brown. You’re now one of them. You have proven what I often say: That America does not need a third party; it needs a second party. The Republicrats are destroying us, and only someone with the exact opposite governing philosophy can save us from government bankruptcy and eventual financial ruin. I don’t know who that will be, but it won’t be Scott Brown and it won’t be the Republicans as we have known them.

P.S. Watch for The Stupid Senator to support whatever modified version of ObamaCare emerges from the economic sinkhole of Washington DC.