Obama and the Politics of Plunder

I saw a headline that the Obama Administration rewarded a government contract to a political supporter. To me, the real headline is that this is even news at all. What do people expect? The primary job of government as we know it is for government to redistribute wealth. All the politicians know it. Most are sly and disingenuous about it. But Obama was frank and open about it. Right before he was elected he made the comment that the purpose of government is to “spread the wealth around.” Everybody knew this going in, but most voted for him anyway. And now they’re surprised that he awards the plunder to those who supported him? This is the insanity of America. Obama did not let America down. He’s just another lightweight who never could have made a living much any other way. In the age of liberty and individual rights, Obama never would have been President. In the age of redistribution this is the sort of leader you get — this one, the last one and the one before that. The people who vote for these creeps, actually thinking you can change the nature of plunder and legalized theft, are the ones who brought America down. America is learning that you cannot change leaders to get change. You must change the nature of government and what it does. That would be change.