Never Waste a Good Crisis

How liberals and the media will exploit the horrible earthquake in Haiti:

1) Not blame Barack Obama (as they blamed George W. Bush for Katrina);

2) Praise Barack Obama when he sends (ultimately) billions in federal aid to Haiti, aid stolen from the income of Americans to be born in 2275 (assuming there still is an America, and any kind of American economy, by 2275);

3) Praise the Hollywood liberals who will wail, scream, look like they’re feeling pain and give money on The Ellen de Generes show, and elsewhere, in public (never private) displays of compassion;

4) Use the earthquake as a showcase for how poor and unfortunate much of the world is compared to the “greedy and evil” United States (even though the United States is now run by actual socialists);

5) Express shock that there was no emergency infrastructure in place in Haiti and vaguely blame the U.N. — meaning the United States, although NOT Barack Obama — for not having that in place;

6) Instead of praising capitalism for the wealth it creates, thereby allowing for stronger buildings and far fewer casualities when an earthquake hits the U.S., condemn capitalism for “creating a divide” between rich and poor, as illustrated by the differences in living conditions in Haiti as opposed to America;

7) Pretend that capitalism failed Haiti by not spreading more wealth around rather than suggesting that Haiti failed itself by remaining a primitive country run by dictators and willfully eshewing capitalism in favor of collectivism and supernaturalism;

8) Make it a “global warming” issue — i.e. claim global warming is stirring up earthquakes and therefore government must shut down technological civilization as we know it (making the world a lot like Haiti, in fact);

9) Make it a race issue, since Haiti is a black country.

As the liberal credo goes: Never waste a good crisis.