A Loser Even If He Wins

I’m reading a lot about the Great Depression these days. One thing I read is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the socialist/fascist of his time (as Obama and company are today), stayed popular even though the economy did not improve in the first two years of his term. Historians generally credit this to the “magic” created by his radio persona, a technology new to that time. Can Obama expect the same? Like President Roosevelt — only far less artfully and gracefully — Obama has seized power everywhere he can and spent the national budget into virtual oblivion. We can expect little or nothing to show for it by the time next fall’s elections come around. Will the country vote to undercut him or reward him, as they did Roosevelt? At present, all indications point towards Obama not being another Roosevelt. There’s no magic: Only a kind of sneering, juvenile arrogance propped up by a continuing need to make it look like he knows what he’s doing. A year ago, most Americans wanted to believe he had a clue. Now, nearly everybody understands he doesn’t. Granted, his opposition remains flatlined. But win or lose, this President is no winner. Nor are his victims: Those of us who will have to live with the consequences of his insane policies.