Restraint of Life

The environmentalist movement is not concerned with bettering human life. It’s concerned with restraining human life. Anyone who values human life and human progress would not look to restricting carbon usage for the next hundred years, causing a decline in civilization as we have known it. The obvious solution for a lover of life is to look toward science and business. Science and business have delivered the goods for centuries. When left alone, science and business create continuous human progress. Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Western, post-industrialized world live with those benefits every day. Yes, there’s always room for improvement. Change for the better is always welcome. This is the attitude underlying science, business and unfettered capitalism. Socialism, restraints, restrictions and controls contribute nothing. Government cannot create supply and demand where markets have “failed.” Markets have not “failed” to create cleaner and cheaper energy. It’s just that there’s no demand for the alternatives being offered, which is why they won’t sell on a market; and technology has not yet figured out a way to improve on what we already have. Sooner or later, it will — unless government gets in the way. The environmentalist movement, at present, has its hands on all the levers of power, particularly in the United States of America. So long as this remains in case, the future is in danger.