The “Religion of Peace” Strikes Again

Fox News interviewed the cousin of the killer at Fort Hood. The man, speaking in a calm and rational sounding voice, actually seemed to believe it when he claimed that his cousin must have been driven to do what he did because of not wanting to be shipped off to war in Afghanistan. Now let me get this straight: We are to believe that a man is so against fighting in a war that he opens fire on innocent people in order to prove his point — that he doesn’t like war. On top of that, he’s a Muslim — and that, as we all know, is irrelevant. Don’t even dare suggest otherwise. Does it occur to anyone that 8 years of policies at airports, where old ladies must be frisked (so long as they’re anything but Muslim) while anyone who even looks Arab or Muslim must be left alone, just might lead someone who subscribes to that insane religion to feel empowered — well, to do whatever he wants? As for the killer being a psychiatrist, I’m not in the least bit surprised. Anyone trained in this field who actually believes most of what’s taught isn’t going to end up the most balanced person. This one was just more obvious about it. The very idea of blending the biological determinism and diagnosis-by-vote that passes for contemporary psychiatry with the supernatural madness of Islam quite literally takes my breath away — and not in a good way. And then there’s poor President Obama, who cares more about nationalizing medical care and what’s left of the private economy than he ever would about some shooting on a military base, having to pretend that he’s concerned. Since the latest news reports now say that the killer is alive, one wonders: Will Obama support the death penalty for him? Maybe ‘ If it gets him socialized medicine, cap and trade, and Internet censorship. Nancy Pelosi, get ready to make a deal.