Elections Great and Small

Do Republican victories in elections matter? Only to undercut Obama, because Obama is the anti-liberty force of the moment. However, the Republicans stand for nothing. We know this not because of their current performance, but primarily because of their past performance. When in control of the government, Republicans kept Big Government going and bungled wars overseas. They were confused hypocrites. The liberals are admittedly worse because they bungle wars even more, and are spending the incomes of people five and ten generations from now rather than two or three. But in principle, how do these two parties really differ? There must first be a strong intellectual and political movement in the country away from Big Government and towards freedom, individual rights and strictly limited government. There’s a small, fledgling movement at present, but clearly not yet big or influential enough to affect the attitudes and actions of our elected leaders. Elected leaders will be the last to figure it out. If such a movement gains ground, especially before restrictions on free speech begin to occur (as I predict they will under the current regime, left unchecked), then the Democrats and Republicans, as we know them, will be out of business — or at least in a permanent minority. (More on this topic in the current Living Resources Newsletter — click on the link at the top of this page for details on subscribing!)