No “Options” Under National Health Care

The “public option” is no option. It’s an attempt to impose government control over every aspect of medical care. And, if enacted, it will succeed at doing just that. He who pays, controls. Haven’t we learned that by now? Nobody is talking about what this will do to physicians and other health care professionals. Will they be forced to accept the public option, even if it doesn’t pay well? What do you think this might do to their incentive to provide first-class care? Will they be required to do what government tells them to do regarding treatment, and then still be liable when things go wrong with patients? It’s ridiculous to use the word “option” when talking about anything related to socialism or socialized medicine (aka “national health care”). Socialism is force, plain and simple. If the public “option” were really an option, then we’d be creating a free marketplace for medicine, rather than outlawing it.