Profit Works While Government Shirks

The government has only been able to come up with fewer than half of the Swine flu vaccines it guaranteed to have for the flu season. Its response is to declare a public health emergency so that government officials will somehow “wake up” and get the vaccines available to the public before flu season is long over. Most Americans don’t realize that this is socialism at work. Government has full control over the production and distribution of vaccines. The premise behind this is that a profit motive would never get the job done. Yet under a profit motive, the job always gets done, regardless of what the product is. This is because PROFIT WORKS. Human beings respond to profit. That’s a good thing, and it results in good things for all. This is no less true with vaccines than it is with automobiles, groceries, cell phones or computers. Government, on the other hand, cannot get anything done. No matter what mandate it claims, no matter how much the President shrieks, “Emergency!” the fact remains: Government is a bumbling monopoly. It does not operate on a profit. Everyone in government will still be paid and given benefits whether the vaccine gets done or not. Most people who work in government are not subject to elections. It’s next to impossible to fire most of them. Those who do answer to voters will almost certainly be reelected no matter how poorly they do, and those who aren’t reelected will be replaced by people who are equally lacking in the profit incentive. Americans just don’t get it. Profit works, no matter what’s being sold. Profit works while government shirks.