“Engaging” With Enemies

America’s foreign policy today is “engagement.” Our policy is to talk to all foreign enemies, including mortal ones, such as the dictatorship of Iran, who threaten our physical safety and that of our allies. “Engagement” is the language of couples therapy, or marital counseling. It relies on the premise that the two parties love each other — they just need better skills of communicating and getting along. Does anyone seriously believe that the mullahs and terrorists who run places like Iran love us? They don’t even love their own subjects — or victims, to be more precise. They don’t even love themselves — nor should they. Engagement with people who hate you is a foolish and dangerous fallacy. It’s hard to believe that the people we have in charge of our safety — indeed, the safety of planet Earth — actually buy into this incredibly wrong notion. The only good thing to say is that when — not if, but when — America is next attacked, a majority of people will quickly give up on “engagement.” You don’t appease violent people with talk. The only thing they respect is self-protection. If self-protection requires their elimination, then so be it — the choice was theirs, not ours.