Take Care of Me, Big Government

We’re supposed to believe that people have a right to health insurance and medical care. Yet if there’s a right to health insurance and medical care — why is there no right to purchase medical insurance and medical care on a free, open and unregulated market? Government is not saying: “Everyone should have health insurance. Since the market delivers the best quality at the cheapest possible price, then we should completely deregulate the market.” Instead, government is saying, “Everyone must have health care and insurance. Therefore, government must eliminate private insurance and totally control all of medical care.” The House of Representatives is open about this, while the Senate is taking a back-door approach of so regulating what’s left of the private sector that it will certainly collapse in several years — at which point government will have a monopoly on all medical care and payment. The motive and end result, either way, is the same. But the evasion is still never explicitly addressed. I don’t understand why I have a right to health insurance — to have someone else pay for it, whether I am able to pay for it, or even want to pay for it, or not — while I have NO right to purchase this valuable product in a free market, the way I can more or less purchase food, groceries, telephones, books and computers. The government is essentially saying, to all of us: “You have the right to health care. You just don’t have the right to be responsible for it.” This is why we lose choice, and get rationing, in the end. The government that’s “kind” enough to provide what you need is likewise big and strong enough to decide what you need.