Nobel — Not Noble

Leaving aside that the Nobel Prize is generally awarded to collectivists and socialists only, it’s still amazing that Obama has been awarded it so soon. This man practically walked into the White House, never holding any real political office in his life, and certainly having never produced anything of value in science or business. Now, only 6 months into office, he’s being rewarded — for what, exactly? I heard that somebody called this the equivalent of getting “Employee of the Month” the first week on the job. There’s so much not being said about all this unexplained and unearned adoration, from the collectivist-media-academic left, of this man. The collectivist left loves other idiots too, such as Al Gore and Jimmy Carter — but at least these people had to work for their idiocy (if you want to call that virtue). Obama need only stand there, and utter words, to be perceived (by some) as a heroic superstar of the ages. Is it because of his race? It’s tempting to say so, but Obama is, after all, only half-black. It’s something else, and it’s hard to put your finger on it. It’s almost as if there’s a rush to give this man credibility before it’s too late. Before something happens — something much worse than his unimpressive and defensive first six months in office; something really, really bad, yet to come, that will undermine his credibility in a huge way. I wonder if even his admirers sense it’s coming. I guess we’ll just have to see how this plays out, since we have no other choice. This inversion of success, whereby accomplishment (however one defines it) is rewarded before its actualization, is most befitting an egalitarian socialist such as America’s current president. Obama isn’t the most important socialist and advocate of massive government control who ever existed (FDR was), and he won’t be the last. But he’s the one who achieved superstar status in an era that seems to care more about such status than anything else, something most had given up on for “liberals,” for good. Of course, Obama has already lost that status with all but his core supporters, and it’s unclear how much status he will enjoy after another 3 and a half years of attempting, hopefully with limited success, to completely drive what’s left of the United States into the ground. One thing is for sure: The Nobel Prize is not noble. Not if Obama is its standard of excellence.