Mental Health Labels Aren’t Kind

I don’t see any point to labeling yourself with a psychiatric disorder. What does it do, other than imply that a mental state is something that happens “to” you rather than something that comes about because of a series of mistaken actions, or mistaken thinking, accumulated over time? I find it much better, and healthier, to think in “plain English,” meaning: In concrete and objective, active terms. It’s meaningless to say, “I’m depressed.” It means much more to say, “I have thoughts of despair and gloom without evidence to back them up.” According to some, it’s kinder to say that you’re “depressed” than something like the second. Yet what kind of change will simply stating a vague, meaningless fact bring about? How does obscuring your own responsibility for your thinking (and resulting emotional states) lead to improvement — and why is that “kind”?