President Netanyahu

If you care about America, you ought to support your leader. And I don’t mean the current Commander-in-Chief. I’m referring to Benjamin Netanyahu, the current leader of Israel. Into Netanyahu’s hands falls the responsibility, quite possibly, for the future well-being of the Western World. Iran’s nuclear weapons program is well-known, and now acknowledged by everybody — including Iran. Iran’s intention of utilizing that power, once developed, both for purposes of blackmail and actually incinerating enemies (including America, once feasible) is also well-known and little doubted.

Despite theses facts, America’s last President, a failed incompetent, and the current President — a dangerous pacifist — have done, and will continue to do, absolutely nothing to stop Iran. With respect to the “war against terror” and the growing threat of Iran, it was, of course, a disaster to see Barack Obama become President. For all practical purposes, he might as well be on the other side. Imagine if, during the years of the Cold War, the Soviets had threatened to wipe America or Great Britain “off the map,” as soon as they could do so. Imagine Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman or even the socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt meeting such a threat with a promise of “meaningful dialogue.” This is what lovers of freedom are up against in Obama, and this is what the dictators of Iran have on their side.

The fact remains: America (and the West more generally) never retaliated for 9/11. The pointless and tragic war in Iraq had nothing to do with any safety we have enjoyed since that day. The moral runts who populate the domestic and political establishment of our government are part of the problem, sadly. We enjoy physical safety only so long as terrorists — specifically, Islamic terrorists — decide to let it be that way. It could change in an instant, and their options will massively increase once Iran, the chief state sponsor of terrorism, has nuclear weapons.

It’s desperately important to support the world’s only real leader at present. That leader is Netanyahu. He is a principled man who loves not only his country, but freedom and civilization as most of us know it — and nearly all of us take for granted. I believe we will soon find out how principled he is, and I believe he will not disappoint us. I cannot guarantee that he will emerge as our hero; but I know that he can.

It’s fitting that a leader of Israel, a ferocious little nation whose people live literally on the edge of daily catastrophe, would be the one to lead the charge against those who brought us 9/11. The stakes are high. Iran is no Soviet Union. If Iran gains nuclear weapons, it will, with certainty, use them for purposes of blackmail and annihilation. Nobody seriously disputes this, but most are evading it — America’s present leaders, most of all.

In hindsight, it may be a blessing in disguise that Obama became America’s President at this moment in history. With a hapless Republican in office, Netanyahu might have felt reluctant to do what he needed to do, since hapless Republicans have always opposed Israel’s doing what it must do. With someone in the Oval Office who has no intention of ever doing Israel any favors, Netanyahu can set himself free to do what he must do for Israel — and for the rest of us who still cherish our freedom.