Give Thinking a Chance

Most people don’t understand the nature of self-responsibility, which is why they run from it, or fear it. They think it’s something like the phrase, “suck it up.” Actually, self-responsibility is a powerful and sensitive place. It requires the active use of your mind. It requires thinking. But thinking is part of your nature, and if you just give it a chance, you’ll see the benefits by doing it consistently. Thinking does not mean having to be right; it does mean using logic and facts to figure out what “right” is. Thinking is the means to everything — self-confidence, self-esteem, mental health and intelligent action. While it’s true that thinking is pointless without action to follow up, you cannot count on your action in life being intelligent without a regular habit of thinking. Psychotherapy and life coaching are two forms of thinking, specifically thinking that relate to personal matters, decisions and emotions. Thinking is the common theme that runs through everything. I’m referring to “thinking” in the rational sense, trusting in your senses, integrating what you see in reality into more abstract conclusions, and then operating on those. I highly recommend giving rational thought a chance. It creates a mental context that is the best place to be, and it will only get better as you do it more consistently.