Big Government Goes to School

I recently read that the federal government is taking over the college student loan program. Colleges and students are worried about the expected lack of efficiency now that government, rather than private banks operating at a profit, will be responsible for administering the programs. And of course, even by the government’s own politically distorted estimates, there will be increases in the cost of college for administering this program. Colleges have already responded by raising tuition that much higher, according to The Wall Street Journal. Does anybody see how government, not private industry, drives up the cost of everything? The only way for government to NOT do so would be to outlaw costs altogether, and to take away from individuals any notion of monetary exchange. Until or unless government does that — which would mean, literally, the end of economic growth and the end of civilization as we know it — things are just going to get more and more expensive. Of course, there is a better alternative: Get Big Government out of our lives!