The Psychology of Productivity

Do you define your work–or does your work define you? Your work is supposed to “work” for you. Ideally, it fulfills you and provides meaning and purpose for you, along with a good income. Worst case, it enables you to survive — but enabling your survival still means serving you. This is really an issue of how you look at something. If you look at work as something that you must do and that you resent, then your life will be filled with unhappy resentment. This is the kind of thing that stresses people, not the number of hours they work or the difficulty of the job. If you look at work as something that serves you, then you can operate on the premise that you can and WILL change your job, if you’re unhappy with it, if it’s no longer serving you well — regardless of how long it takes. The deeper issue here is: Do you let life happen to you, or do you define your life for yourself? Do you let things happen and unfold — or do you orchestrate everything in your power to make what you consider to be good and right things unfold for you? Do you approach life passively — or actively? You might think you never answered this question, if you never thought about it before. But I guarantee that at least subconsciously, you have answered this question.