Help on the Way…And Its Name is YOU

The last thing an individual — or a society — needs is a “guru.” Or a savior. Or someone to rescue them. The very notion implies one of the natural, inevitable human state as one of helplessness. “I’m helpless and hopeless — therefore I need someone to rescue me.” The premise must be challenged. If the premise isn’t challenged, then you ARE indeed hopeless and you might as well kill yourself. The essence of “depression” means a false belief that you are hopeless and helpless, when you’re not. The best way to feed into and to reinforce this false belief is to perpetuate the myth that someone (or some Thing) else can be the helper who comes to rescue you and do for you what, in truth, only you can do for yourself. It’s fine to have leaders and role models. Inspiration is a desperately important part of human motivation and survival. But none of these things involve someone coming to rescue you and living your life for you. In fact, the best role models and leaders are the ones who don’t even know you, or aren’t overly involved in your lives. You admire them from a distance, and their competence — even against all odds — inspires you to find your own way in life. Life is not the equivalent of a hospital emergency room. Emergencies do sometimes exist, and in such cases we are (temporarily) helpless, requiring someone to quite literally rescue us. It’s one thing to acknowledge this as an occasional necessity. It’s another to make it a whole basis for living. Psychologically and emotionally speaking, the last thing you need is a “guru.” What you need is your own mind, your own reason, and your own sense of reality. Others might guide or coach you along with these, when needed, but you are in the driver’s seat of your own life. You don’t need someone to drive for you.