Bankrupt Government Means Less Government

The horrific, multi-trillion dollar federal deficit may yet save the U.S. How? It’s the last, best — and only — hope left of forcing politicians to correct their errors. Democrats will have to let go of socialism, because it’s too expensive to maintain, to say nothing of expanding. Just as there can be no capitalism without capital, there can be no permanently expanding social programs without money stolen by the government from private capital. True believer Democrats will never let go of socialism, but they will become irrelevant as a political movement when the whole edifice of socialism in America begins to crash and burn. Republicans will have to confront cutting spending, instead of increasing it in smaller amounts than Democrats. This means huge, huge budget cuts, where entire Cabinet Departments are eliminated; my vote is to start with the federal Department of so-called education. If Republicans don’t do this, they will never exist as a political movement again. In fact, any resurgence the Republicans make will only be as a very different party from before — one that constantly reduces government spending rather than continuously expanding it, as during the George W. Bush era. Change is coming, all right. Basically, America can only afford defense, Social Security and Medicare — and phasing out the latter two over a period of time will be inevitable, as well, since the latter two are fiscally and morally bankrupt Ponzi schemes. These developments will sound shocking to some, but they have been inevitable all along. Denial and evasion can no longer mask objective reality, even for the faint of heart, not as nightmare-level deficits (and their economic consequences) materialize before our eyes. The drunken rampage that has escalated in our nation’s capital this year is only a prelude to all that’s coming –and indeed, all that has started. Big Government as we know it must and will end. The only question is exactly when, and exactly how. Watch and see.