Health Care “Cooperatives”: Can You Spell Fascism?

So now some politicians are saying, “Drop single-payer, public option insurance. It’s not selling. Let’s do health care cooperatives instead.” Don’t buy it. A health care cooperative is not a private sector solution. It’s fascist, in nature. Fascism refers to the system of government in which all property is publicly owned — as with socialism — while private property exists only in name. Think of fascism as a system where CEO monopolists, who unofficially work for the government, are allowed to make a lot of money while government dictates the show. Socialists hate this, because they want the pure and “honest” version of all-out government control, openly run by bureaucrats. That’s what the original plan to outright nationalize health insurance and medical care was. Now, in its place, they’re proposing an alternative system in which government still controls the whole medical arena — only under the guise of “private cooperatives.” Only a Republican or a “moderate Democrat” could seriously buy into such a thing. It’s an even bigger lie than socialism itself, and the effects will still be the same: Government is in charge of all things medical. Think of your local utility company, or cable company. There’s only one of each. Government regulates every aspect of their existence. A private company may not come along and compete with the government utility. When your power goes out, or your cable goes down, you’re at the mercy of that one company who is so regulated by the government that it’s essentially owned by it. The fact that “executives” who “run” the company make a good salary is nothing more than a cosmetic feature to provide an illusion of capitalism. This is the essence of economic fascism. Keep in mind that under REAL capitalism, any given company — no matter how large — can go out of business, so long as enough customers decide to go somewhere else. Customers regulate the free marketplace, not the government. We don’t yet know all the specifics of the mushy moderate Republicrat “health care cooperative” plan, but consider the idea dead before arrival. Consider it stillborn. Instead, demand that your representatives totally deregulate all of the health insurance industry immediately, provide tax credits to everyone buying health insurance (not just big companies), and allow complete competition among health insurance companies across state lines. Get government out of medicine, as quickly and completely as possible. Anything less will only lead to more of the same.