Anger Management

Anger means a response to objective injustice. There are small, medium and large injustices–so there are appropriate degrees of reaction for each. It’s not an injustice for someone to dislike you. It’s not an injustice for someone to think differently from the way you think, even if you can prove that he’s wrong and you’re right. You’re not owed anything, except the truth from people who willingly “do business” with you emotionally or financially. You’re also owed the right to be physically left alone. People with anger problems usually are angry over things that aren’t injustices, as well as things that are. Because they have a lot of things to be angry about–some valid, some not–they start to become overwhelmed and overreact. Feeling overwhelmed and overreacting are symptoms, not underlying causes. If you want “anger management” you have to be willing to identify and then THINK about all the things you are angry about. You have to be prepared, from the get-go, to let go of or minimize things that you have been previously angry about. If the mere prospect of doing this makes you angry, then you’re not ready for anger management.