Government is Force–Do You Know What That Means?

The short case against the Democrat-Republican, Big Government welfare state is this: Rational and free human beings do not operate by force, or under the threat of force. The only restraint that rational, free people impose on each other is to abstain from the initiation of force or fraud. Government must enforce this right–but this is ALL government may enforce. Most would acknowledge it’s crazy to settle routine or even more serious disputes by force of arms. Imagine if every disagreement you had with your neighbor over noise or trash cans, or every dispute with your spouse or child, were to be settled with a fight to the death. Imagine if you could jail anyone with whom you disagree, or any potential customer who refused to buy your product, or any potential employer who declined to hire you for a job. This would all clearly be crazy. Yet this is precisely what we authorize our government to do, on our behalf. If someone by law owes 20 percent, or 70 percent, of his income to the government, he is put in jail if he refuses to pay it. If he tries to escape from jail, he’ll be shot and killed. When we say that the Big Government welfare state created by the United States of America is backed up by coercion and force–it’s an objective fact. If you’re for government as we know it–either for its maintenance or for its expansion–then you’re for operating by the rule of force. You might not think so, or you might not like to think so–but you are.