If Not Twenty Percent–Then How Much?

Twenty percent of all “income” received by Americans reportedly now comes from the government. Translation: From other people. Ask yourself this question. Will the economy finally recover if that figure changes to thirty percent? Or fifty percent? At what point will we have achieved the right percentage so that the standard of living is better for all? Capitalism raised the standard of living for everyone by (originally) transferring no wealth whatsoever. How will socialism do it?

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is supposed to be moral and economically prudent. I maintain that it’s neither. Our present government maintains that escalating transfers of money from the people to the government is the only way to achieve prosperity and justice. Who’s right, who’s wrong–and why? Answer this question for yourself, and honestly.

If you’re having difficulty, then let me ask you one more question. What happens when and if 100 percent–or even 90 percent–of all income received by Americans comes from the government? What kind of economy do you think will produce that, and for how long? And what makes you think there will still be all that much wealth left to transfer?