They Forgot About Doctors’ “Options”

There’s a lot of talk of the “public option” health insurance to be offered to all Americans–funded by taxes, of course. But what about the “option” of the doctors? Health insurance coverage means nothing unless there are doctors and surgeons to provide it. What if they don’t want to participate in it? If Americans are supposed to have the option to take government coverage, or not, will doctors and surgeons likewise have the option not to accept it? Many doctors refuse to take various forms of private sector insurance. Will government “let” them do the same? The failure of anybody to even ask this question further proves the inherent dishonesty in this so called “debate” over national health insurance. Proponents of national health insurance know full well that the question is irrelevant. The purpose of the “public option” is to ensure that private options are driven out of business. The most private option of all is the exchange, dollar-for-dollar, between doctor and patient. Shopping for health insurance in a totally deregulated market would be another option. None of these options will be allowed by the current regime. Why? Because they get in the way of government control. Under the coming monopoly, patients will be forced to undergo medical care only as the government prescribes it. Doctors will have the “option” to work for the government–or close up shop. Under a government run system, the only option is gunpoint. And that’s no option.