But What Will the Lawyers Do?

I wonder how universal health coverage will sit with trial lawyers who make money in the malpractice business? Once all Americans are covered by government insurance, how will malpractice claims be paid? Doctors will have even lower incomes than before. Of course, to the socialists who now run things, that’s a good feature of socialized medicine since, according to them, money is the root of all evil, at least in medicine. As  it is, malpractice premiums are skyrocketing to where many doctors must close up shop. Once all or most medicine is public, like most schools are public, will trial lawyers sue the government on behalf of patients? It will be interesting to watch it unfold, if and when government becomes the insurer of everybody. I know that in Canada and Europe, malpractice claims are reportedly lower–and they have universal health care (with little or no private sector care) in those countries, as well.

One wonders: What will  the trial lawyers do when there’s no money left for which to sue? The new American credo of “spreading the wealth” has many consequences.