Will “Cap and Trade” Make America a Ghost Town?

Congress and the President are working hard to reduce the output of industrial civilization. This, at a time when the economy has stopped growing, and is actually declining. Incredibly, they are doing so in the name of “economic growth.” They claim that forcing everyone to use less carbon-based fuel–that is to say, pretty much ALL fuel–will create a market demand for wind and solar power. Well, sure. And outlawing all agricultural production would create a tremendous demand for alternative food sources. It would also create famine. What kind of reasoning is this? Actually, it’s the same flawed reasoning employed for decades by socialists, fascists and other statists. With their man in the White House and their domination of Congress, they just might get their way. All depends on the U.S. Senate, and on Americans themselves. Are Americans really ready to allow the government to shut down a major chunk of industrial civilization? The resulting loss to America will most certainly be China’s gain. I wouldn’t have a problem rushing to China for cheaper goods and services since American businesses will be restricted from using gas and fuel while Chinese businesses will not, except for one thing: China is a dictatorship. While they produce more economically than ever before, they are still a one-party system basically relying on totalitarian rule when it comes to individual rights. Who wants to rely on a country like this? And if China gains the upper hand economically, what will happen to our political rights in America? America has truly gone mad. I’m not surprised that our current crop of political rulers are so crazy. They are nothing but fools, as those of their ilk always have been. But, sadly, they have never before been allowed to gain so much power on such a scale, and they’re prepared to implement every ounce of it. Mark my words: These times in America are frighteningly reminiscent of the German economic insanity that ultimately led to the rise of Nazi Germany. Doesn’t anyone out there care?