“The Utopia of Damned Fools”

“Of such sort are the wizards who now run the country. Here is the perfect pattern of a professional world-saver. His whole life has been devoted to the art and science of spending other people’s money … Such is government by the Brain Trust. Such is the fate of the taxpayer under a Planned Economy. Such is the Utopia of damned fools … Of such sort are the young wizards who now sweat to save the plain people from the degradations of capitalism, which is to say, from the degradations of working hard, saving their money, and paying their way. This is what the New Deal and its Planned Economy come to in practise–a series of furious and irrational raids upon the taxpayer, planned casually by professional do-gooders lolling in smoking cars, and executed by professional politicians bent only upon building up an irresistible machine. This is the … inspired substitute for constitutional government and common sense.”

— H.L. Mencken, writing in the 1930s about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s socialist/fascist New Deal–and, although he did not know it, about today’s socialist/fascist Congress and Obama administration