Green Jobs Are Coming! Can You Wait?

We keep hearing about how “green” jobs are jobs that will make the economy boom, starting in 2010 and beyond. Does anyone know what “green” jobs actually are? Assuming they ever materialize, we’ll have to await the specifics. Will you or I have a green job? What will it be like, and what will it feel like? “Green” jobs sound really cool, don’t they? In concept, “green” jobs refer to jobs to be created and subsidized (directly or indirectly, whatever it takes) by the government for products and services that people would not voluntarily create on their own. Why would people not voluntarily create these products and services on their own? Because they’re not profitable. Because they do not work. Because they’re based on fantasy rather than on reality–otherwise, the Microsoft-equivalent of the “green” industry would have emerged by now. Rest assured that if the products and services to be created by these “green jobs” were profitable, the government would feel no need to legislate them into existence. The government would feel no need to associate the subsidizing of these jobs with the claimed motive of “helping the environment” or “saving the planet” so as to arrest any widespread opposition to the plan. If you actually believe that the American economy will be revived, and will sustain itself, based on government stealing even more money from the private sector than it already does, to create jobs doing things that nearly nobody wants or needs–then it’s no wonder you voted for who you voted for.