Back in Time

Silver clock with hands set to 8:55

People often want to hit the “restart” button on their personal relationships, or past decisions. They wish they could go back in time and make decisions all over again, with knowledge they now possess. This makes no sense at all. It makes even less sense than believing in Santa Claus, or the Wizard of Oz. The whole reason you know what you now know is precisely because of those past mistakes. The mistakes have given you that additional knowledge you now possess. Why go back in time–even if you could–to face a situation where you’d have to make the mistake all over again? “Because this time I wouldn’t make the mistake,” would come the reply. This amounts to nothing more than a wish to be infallible, to enter a time and space where mistakes are impossible. It’s funny how most of us, when we encounter someone who thinks he’s infallible–but isn’t–become annoyed and disturbed by this arrogance. Yet when we wish the same for ourselves, it gives us no business being annoyed by such a person, does it?