Demystifying “Depression”

Sometimes, depression is what happens when you go too long without a sense of purpose. It’s like the engine light going on in the car when it hasn’t obtained proper maintenance. This is why depression/anxiety and other psychological problems can, in a certain sense, be good — they tell you that something is wrong. In the car, when the engine light goes on, you don’t say: ‘I have to keep driving until the light goes off.’ Instead, you go for maintenance asap. The same with your depression. You can’t say, ‘I must cure my depression before I can develop a sense of purpose and a career.’ To do so would be to reverse cause-and-effect. You have to start developing and acting on a sense of purpose/ career before you will see your depression start to lift. Don’t claim, “It’s too hard.” Everything worthwhile is hard. Hard isn’t the same as impossible.