Approach to Life

Life isn’t about the elimination of fear or the eradication of sadness. It’s about the creation of value and purpose — about material and emotional fulfillment. If you eliminate fear without creating value — if that were even possible –you wouldn’t have created anything.

Fear involves a concern that you have lost something, or will lose something. There has to be something to lose in order to fear. Sometimes people are afraid they will never gain anything. But there’s nothing to fear if you have nothing to lose. The same applies to being depressed. People sometimes focus too much on the negative. Instead of focusing on, “What will I do?” they focus on, “What haven’t I done? What might I not do, what might I lose?” Positive thinking means much more than “thinking positive.” It means thinking about what you can create, for yourself. Creations can be simple, although still important. They can involve great works of art or great accomplishments, but more often they involve simple survival and simple pleasures. It’s all important. The next time you find yourself thinking, “What am I doing wrong, what’s going wrong?” try to instead focus on, “What will I do next?”