When They Turn, They Turn

Many Americans are starting to wake up to the idiotic travesty that our government has become. This stirring is reflected in some of the wonderful signs at the rallies held around the country at anti-tax Tea Parties yesterday. Here’s a sampling. Enjoy!

I’m only 15 and I already owe $35,535 in taxes

It’s not their money!

Give Me Liberty … Not Debt

Why Should I Pay For Your Bad Decisions?

Stay Out of My Piggy Bank

Instead of apologizing FOR America, Obama apologize TO America!

You Call Us Arrogant — I Call Us Proud

I Am Not Your ATM

“Hope and Change” is more like a Hammer and Sickle

Here’s an Idea: Read the Bills You Pass

Born Free But Taxed 2 Death

Spread My Work Ethic — Not My Wealth!

My Piggy Bank Is Not Your Pork Barrel

Your Promises, Our Money — Stop!

Free Markets Not Freeloaders

King Obama/Queen Pelosi Must Be Stopped

Repeal The Pork — Your Bacon is Cooked

Attn Washington DC: You Have Run Out of OUR Money

Had Enough Socialism — Need Realism

This is the U.S. of America — Not the U.K. of America

It’s Not the United States of Obama

Obama Is Not My Mama!

Give Us Our Freedom & Our Money — You Can Keep Your Change!

No Taxation With Foolish Distribution

Don’t Simulate — Liberate!

I fought for my country, work and pay taxes so liberals don’t have to

Barney Frank, Bernie Madoff–And the Difference Is…?

Big Brother You’re Way Too Heavy

I won’t pay for socialism

You Are Not Entitled to What I Have Earned

We The People