Capitalistic Results By Socialist Means?

“Workers of the world, unite!” used to be a rallying cry for employees to have safer and cleaner working conditions. Today, the updated version of this sentiment is for workers to have ever-expanding benefits and income even as the company for which they work falls into bankruptcy. Unions and workers want the benefits of capitalism, the only social system that raises the standard of living for everyone, along with the impossible guarantees of childhood fantasy. Those who place hope in this are destined to be disappointed in their leaders. Our current leaders will deliver on their promises to further nationalize the private economy, if not complete the process begun in the years of FDR and LBJ. On the surface, and at first, this will mean workers getting everything they want. But the well is going to run dry, and soon. When the political leaders are unable to do the impossible, i.e. provide the benefits of capitalism without capitalism itself, workers will be far worse off than they started. They will have lost the illusion of impossible guarantees–an illusion all along–but, along with it, they will have lost the source of private wealth that writes their paychecks and pays their insurance premiums. Keep in mind that other countries that went Marxist or socialist never had genuine, unhampered capitalism in the first place. America once roared with free markets and the rising tide that lifted all economic boats. It was the greatest wealth producer in human history, to date. No more, under socialism. Bosses and business owners are certainly capable of being unfair. But who else is to take responsibility for making a profit, profits that must exist for paychecks to exist? A workplace without bosses and with unlimited gratification is pure fantasy. A workplace with no jobs will be reality at its most cruel.