Tyranny is Tyranny

“The government has no business running these [auto] companies because the government does not know how to run these companies. That’s not government’s job.”

–Carly Fiorina, businesswoman and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

How refreshing–and true!

I would only add: Government has no moral right to run these companies. In other words, government has no right to force some members of the population to work for the sake of others. Tyranny is tyranny, whether it’s forcing people who have health care to pay for the medical care of those who don’t, or whether it’s forcing people who don’t have gold-plated benefits to work to pay for those who demand they continue to get them (which is what federal ownership of the once private American auto companies is all about).

Bottom line? Government has no right to force some to live for the sake of others.

It’s either a free country, or it’s not. If we’re all free, then government stays out of the business of business. Until or unless the time comes when both political leaders and voters get this, our slide into socialism, and ultimately dictatorship, will continue.