Organize, Organize

People are always asking me: How can I become more organized? Here’s an exercise to get you started. Make a ‘brainstorm list’ of as many things as you can possibly think of that exemplify ‘more organized behavior.’ Include things that you generally DON’T do now but might do, and could do. Also include things that others do, that you’re aware of, that you admire and as falling under the category of ‘organized.’

Make as exhaustive a list as you can. Start the list and keep it with you, and as you think of things to add to it, then do so. Even consider asking others for ideas of what THEY do to help organize themselves, and add them to the list only if you like the ideas.

Then, when you get to tomorrow morning, and the next day, and you’re asking yourself ‘How can I be a little more organized TODAY?’ and, if you don’t immediately know the answer, or if you even draw a blank, you’ll have this list to draw on. If you can’t find the perfect or even an excellent idea for being more organized for the day, then pick a pretty good one. A pretty good idea—even a mediocre idea, right now—is better than no follow up or action at all.